The natural oasis of San Savino

The natural environment of Lake Trasimeno finds one of its most important expressions in the naturalistic Oasis of the Valley, near S.Savino in the municipality of Magione (Perugia). The extensive reed beds and open waters constitute an extremely complex ecosystem: the physical characteristics, the flora and vegetation and the faunal population make this area a complex of exceptional interest at an international level. Just think of the dozens of pairs of great crested grebe, the thousands of coots that stop on the lake every winter, the presence of the purple heron, the egrets, the ospreys that regularly visit these waters during their long migration journeys. Furthermore, the presence of the medieval emissary enriches the visit to this extraordinary and evocative place. 

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San Savino

Arrangements can be made for guided excursions to the natural oasis called "la Valle", by a little electrical boat, communication trenches and roof-terraces to watch animals.

Opening hours
February, March 10am-1pm - 2pm-5pm closed on Monday
April, May 10am-1pm - 3pm-6pm closed on Monday
June, September 9am-1pm - 3pm-8pm closed on Monday
October, November 10am-1pm - 3pm-6pm closed on Monday
December, January 10am-1pm - 2pm-5pm closed on Monday