S.Albino (SI)
Just 3 km from Chianciano, in the town of Sant'Albino, there are the Terme di Montepulciano which use the healing properties of their waters known for many centuries. The Terme di Montepulciano have dedicated themselves for many years to an intense scientific research activity, directed in particular at two sectors: the increasingly in-depth knowledge of the composition of the mineral waters used in the spa, the study of their biological effects and the exact evaluation of the results that can be obtained; the constant improvement of the techniques for applying thermal treatments. We have thus reached, in medical practice and treatment techniques, a level of perfection that is certainly among the highest in Italy. The spa uses sulphurous water, particularly rich in free carbonic acids collected at a depth of 132 m and channeled for treatment without being exposed to contact with the air, so as to preserve the natural therapeutic qualities of sulphur. In the S.Albino spa station it is possible to carry out inhalation treatments, balneotherapy, mud therapy, physical rehabilitation therapies, motor, respiratory and vascular rehabilitation, treatments for rhinogenic deafness, massages, beauty and fitness treatments, irrigation.
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