Chianciano Terme (SI)

Chianciano is a spa resort with mineral water enriched with healing elements, situated approximately 550 meters above sea level, offers great climate and every advantage for tourists due to its exceptional geographical position. Surrounded by hills with woods of oak, beechwood, ilex and chestnut and due to its mild climate and healthy, pristine environment, Chianciano Terme has completely preserved a considerable quantity of greenery in its spa parks, public gardens, villas and hotels. Today, Chianciano Terme is considered among the finest health resorts in Europe with its water, enormous parks and countless, modern hotels.

For information
Terme di Chianciano - Tel. 0039-0578-68111 - Fax. 0039-0578-60622
Terme di Sant'Elena di Chianciano - Tel. 0039-0578-31141