Pietro Vannucci said 'Perugino'
Pietro Vannucci known as Perugino was born in Città della Pieve, a city then falling within the dominions of the Municipality of Perugia. After a first contact with the artistic reality of Perugia he had to get closer, according to what Giorgio Vasari wrote in 1550, to Piero della Francesca. In 1472 Perugino joined the Company of San Luca in Florence. At the same time he began to frequent the prestigious workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio. A long familiarity with the Florentine environment profoundly marked his artistic expression, to the point that his contemporaries did not hesitate to consider him a Tuscan master: «Pietro Perugino, one can well call him Florentine, who was raised here» (F. Albertini, 1510 ). Giovanni Santi, Raphael's father, underlined (around 1485) his affinity of temperament with Leonardo da Vinci, whom he certainly met in Verrocchio's workshop. An art itinerary in Umbria Following in the footsteps of the famous painter, a fascinating itinerary opens up in places rich in art testimonies, thanks to which it is possible to live the experience of an artist in direct contact with his world.