Val d'Orcia

Val d'Orcia

The valley and its evocative places have thrilled and inspired well-known directors and artists.

Already in 1951, Curzio Malaparte shot his only film based on one of his novels, "Forbidden Christ" in Val d'Orcia; the director Andrei Tarkovky, during a trip to Italy, visits the Bagno Vignoni spa and here he shoots the unforgettable sequences of his cinematic masterpiece "Nostalghia" (1983).

Zeffirelli chooses Bagno Vignoni and Pienza for his "Romeo and Juliet" and a sequence of "To the Wolf" by Carlo Verdone is filmed in the bathtub of the Bagno Vignoni spa. Even Bernardo Bertolucci, after the American blockbusters, decided to film some scenes of "Io Ballo Da Sola" (1996), with Liv Tyler and Geremy Irons, in a farmhouse in the splendid Crete Senesi.

In the Benedictine monastery of Sant'Anna in Caprena, which Jiulette Binoche curates "The English Patient", the film by the Italian-American director Anthony Minhella awarded with 9 Oscars and always in Val d'Orcia, which acts as Spain, Ridley Scott shoots many scenes of "Gladiator", the blockbuster with Russel Crowe which attracted audiences and outraged historians.

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