Isola Polvese (PG)

With a surface of 128 square Km and circumference of 45 km, the Lake Trasimeno is the greatest of the central and southern Italy and the fourth of the whole country. It has a tectonic origin, is made of laminar layers and  is maximum depth if of above 6 meters. 

The lake is fed by some  streams, ditches and, canals realized at the end of nineteenth century in order to risolve the problem of the cyclic flooding The Lake Trasimeno is located in the communal territories of Castiglione del Lago, Magione; Panicale, Passignano sul Trasimeno and Tuoro sul Trasimeno.
Three islands rises from its waters: the Minore, the Maggiore and the Polvese, connected to the main coasts centre by the boats of the Servizio Provinciale di. Navigazione del Trasimeno.

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The lake Trasimeno

 Isola Polvese: a scientific and educational park. The isle is situated in the communal territory of Castiglione del Lago and is the largest of the three, with its 540.000 square meters. It is owned by the Provincia di Perugia and is a public park. Until the fifties the isle was inhabited by a large community, now is deserted. It conserves interesting historical monuments, as the Saint Secondo Monastery, the Church of Saint Julian and a castle of the fourteenth century. A recently built villa, the guests quarters and other buildings are now the seat of scientific educational and recreation activities.

The Polvese has been proclaimed by its owner, the Provincia di Perugia, a "Scientific Educational Park" devoted to research, experimentation, formative and educational activities in the environmental field.

In the island there is an aquatic garden realized to the architectonic recovery of the swimming pool planned in 1959 by the roman architect Pietro Porcinai, in an old abandoned sandstone quarry. Around the largest central pool there are smaller basins in the shape of waterlillies, placed at different heights, where there are various species of aquatic plants from various origins. A large olive grove encircles the pool.

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The island with the castle
of the 14th century
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The tower of the castle
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The tower of the castle
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The aquatic garden

How can you get to the islands?

If you want to visit the Maggiore island you can take the boat in Castiglione del lago, Passignano or Tuoro. To reach the Polvese island it is necessary to take the boat to S. Feliciano where you can also visit "the Fishing Museum" which, since 1974, documents the life of Lake Trasimeno through the activity that has always been the most practiced by its people.

Near S.Feliciano, in San Savino, a small village on the lake, you can also visit the "La Valle" nature reserve where you can learn about the flora and fauna of the area, in particular the aquatic birds of Lake Trasimeno. 

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