Monumental Nativity Scene in CittĂ  della Pieve
Since 1966, the Terziere Castello has set up the Monumental Nativity Scene in the basement of the sixteenth-century Palazzo della Corgna, a work which is divided into several scenes and which is renewed every year, a figurative journey through the suggestive corridors and rooms of the old cellars of the palace , for a total of eight rooms and more than 500 square meters. Each space is meticulously set up by Terziere volunteers who work for around three months on the creation of the nativity scene, combining tradition, craftsmanship and construction skills, to create a journey through the various settings with visual and sound suggestions. There are more than a hundred large statues used in the display, shepherds, camels, spice sellers, water carriers, elephant caravans and others; made of papier-mâché, terracotta, resin and enriched with splendid details, they were created specifically by Italian master craftsmen such as Marco Guttilla, many come from his Sicilian workshop.