Corciano festival - Agosto corcianese
Born in 1965 as the "Città di Corciano" National Painting Award, August Corcianese immediately became known as a purely cultural event, also offering visitors important sections of music, theater and literature.
For a few years now, “Corciano Festival” has been added to the historical name “Agosto Corcianese”, as if to more forcefully define its structure. Because August is a Festival that is divided into different cultural aspects which, year by year, jointly or alternatively, are offered to the public: visual art, music, literature and poetry, historical re-enactments and also theatre, with the formula of "theater outside the theater" which allowed the Festival to create highly evocative original shows, thanks to the peculiar locations in which they were staged that the village is capable of offering (small squares, gardens, historical monuments) and to the careful choice of texts from the great European literature and dramaturgy.