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S. Casciano dei Bagni

San Casciano dei Bagni is situated at the southern-most part of the province of Siena, right on the border with the regions of Lazio (to the south) and Umbria (to the west). It is a small attractive town which was already well-known in mediaeval times. Its picturesque mediaeval appearance seems to be typified by Palazzo Bologna's bulky square tower, which, rather surprisingly, was in fact built at the start of the 20th Century.

The old town centre is made up of a labyrinth of small streets and little piazzas which wind around the hill and lead up to the Collegiata church, which was built between the 13th and 14th Centuries. Inside this church there is a large 15th Century altar-piece depicting St. John the Baptist. Not far from the church there's the oratory of the Conception, a small chapel from the sixteenth century with frescos ascribed to Niccolò Circignani called "Pomarancio".

The oldest building, however, is to be found outside the town's walls near the spa. The Basilicale Church, which was probably built in the 11th Century is very simple but rather striking thanks to its sloping roof.

San Casciano dei Bagni, thanks to the uncontaminated green surrounding area of dense woodland, is now one of the favorite holiday destinations of nature and thermal bathes lovers. For the bathes lovers there are 42 hot springs used to fill a large, modern swimming pool.

A few kilometres away is the Castle of Fighine, which offers unforgettable views of the Valdichiana. Sienne and Orvieto had fought bitterly to conquer the castle. Afterwards Fighine, property of the Monaldeschi d'Orvieto, in 1441 become a property of the Republic of Siena, which achieved the final refurbishment of the castle in 1446.

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